West Lake Hills Fiber Cement Siding

Brightwing Custom Exteriors specializes in West Lake Hills fiber cement siding, offering precision installation to keep your home well protected and looking nice.

When homeowners try to replace the siding on their homes on the cheap, they generally turn to vinyl and aluminum siding. West Lake Hills concrete siding is a little bit more of an investment, but it pays off over time with its superior performance.

Below, we’ve compared fiber cement siding in West Lake Hills TX with more traditional forms of siding and spelled out why fiber cement is the better option.

  • Vinyl: This is one of the most common forms of siding. The main selling point for vinyl siding is that it is cheap. However, it can easily crack and break, and in the event of a fire, it will melt almost instantly. West Lake Hills fiber cement siding is durable, resilient and flame resistant.
  • Aluminum: Similar to vinyl, when aluminum siding takes a beating, it shows in the form of dents, cracks and more. West Lake Hills concrete siding is weather resistant, pest resistant and more.
  • Wood: Using wood to side your home can help you achieve a certain look, but it can also rot pretty quickly and easily. Fiber cement siding lasts a lot longer and will not rot or develop mold or mildew within the siding or underneath. Plus, you can get it in a wood look finish.

Brightwing Custom Exteriors offers siding system installation. We work with James Hardie products, which is some of the best siding on the market.

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