New Braunfels Siding Window Replacement

Brightwing Custom Exteriors has openings for new clients searching New Braunfels for siding replacement. Since 2014, when Austin Hardipros strategically partnered with James Hardie Corporation to become Brightwing Custom Exteriors, we have offered New Braunfels siding contractors with the expertise and efficiency necessary for any job.


Protect and beautify your home with this robust siding


The exterior of your home serves many purposes. The two primary functions include: Protection and representation.


  • First and foremost, you need the exterior of your home to offer ideal protection. Siding and windows are what stand between family night on the couch and the cold wind or the thick heat outside. Our New Braunfels siding contractors understand that our clients rely on them for this element of their safety, and we do not take that obligation lightly.


  • The exterior of your home also represents you and your family to the world outside. Maybe you’re seeking New Braunfels siding replacement because your current siding has been damaged, or maybe it’s just time for a change. Styles and trends have shifted and now your old siding sticks out like a sore thumb, or maybe your warranty has run out and the age is showing. Maybe you’re even considering contracting out window replacement in New Braunfels TX. Whatever the reason, you’ve found yourself ready for a significant investment. You do not want to trust just anyone with this investment, though; you need the right contractors.



With our resources from James Hardie, Brightwing Custom Exteriors has access to whatever materials necessary to get your job done quickly and efficiently. Our roots as a local contractor keep us focused on those local values. We are not some big, nameless company already looking past you to the next client. We’re your neighbors. We’re here with you and for you.


For New Braunfels siding replacement, there is no team better prepared to offer everything you need than Brightwing Custom Exteriors. Call us for a quote today at 512-323-0124 (Austin) or 210-621-3745 (San Antonio).