San Antonio Fiber Cement Siding

Brightwing Custom Exteriors offers San Antonio fiber cement siding — the most durable form of siding and exterior protection. As partners with James Hardie Corporation, the number one manufacturer of fiber cement siding in San Antonio TX and beyond, we have the tools necessary to upgrade your home’s siding when you need it, matching the vision you have in mind.

When selecting the siding you will have installed, it is important to consider the pros and cons of different types of siding. San Antonio concrete siding and vinyl siding differ in appearance, maintenance and price. Consider some of the differences here:

  • Vinyl siding is not nailed to the home, whereas cement siding is. This makes vinyl siding perfect for areas of the country with a wide range of seasonal temperatures, while cement siding is better suited for Texas weather with a smaller range.
  • Vinyl siding’s plastic exterior has made it the most common siding in America. Fiber cement siding is the product of the combination of cement and wood pulp, so it looks like traditional wood siding, giving it a classic and unique look.
  • Both San Antonio fiber cement siding and vinyl siding come in a variety of attractive color and style options.
  • James Hardie San Antonio concrete siding is made of more sustainable materials than vinyl siding, making it green-friendly. Though vinyl and fiber cement siding will both last decades on your home, they will eventually have to be disposed of. Fiber cement siding comes with a significantly smaller ecological footprint.
  • Fiber cement siding will more effectively protect your home from fires than vinyl siding. Vinyl will melt like a candle in the event of a fire, whereas the concrete in the fiber cement siding offers more protection from big fires and even from smaller threats, like the heat of an outdoor grill or cigarette.

Vinyl siding has many benefits, but our San Antonio fiber cement siding is a new and more durable way to protect your home from the outdoors. If you’re looking to upgrade to the newest and most reliable systems, then call us for a quote today at 512-323-0124 (Austin) 210-621-3745 (San Antonio).